Ezytrails Parkes 13 Offroad Caravan“LIBERTY WITHOUT COMPROMISES”

If exploring the beautiful outdoors is your ‘thing’ and you’re keen on jumping into action the moment you have popped that roof, then the Parkes 13 is your companion. She will amaze you in simplicity and versatility, comfort and space, nevertheless easy to handle off road. The Parkes 13 brings liberty wherever you go without making compromises.


From short trips to a longer stay at your favourite camping site, setting up the Parkes 13 is simple thanks to the self-lockable ‘EzyLift’. For an overnight stay, there is no canvas involved and with a simple winding out of the attached awning, you can cook, fully covered, at the outdoor stainless steel kitchen. For longer stays, a fully enclosed annex is included, zipped and Velcro’d to the pop-top. With 3 100Ah deep cycle AGM batteries and an Anderson plug for solar panels, you can stay off the grid during your entire camping trip. Having a caravan that follows you prepared, is all you need.


The ensuite brings a whole new level of comfort while being out in the bush. The two waterproof storage areas within can be used for toiletries or keeping your towels dry. Full dimensional cupboards give a couple plenty of space to store up for a long camping trip. There are extra storage areas underneath the seats and a few access panels underneath the bed. A slick looking control panel keeps all buttons under a user-friendly touch.With the aerial you can tune into the digital channels while being tucked under the queen bed’s doona as the built-in speakers provide a theatre sound experience.

Parkes 13 – 2 Berth Off Road Caravan

Experiencing and exploring the world should never be restricted by lengthy set up and other time-wasting processes. With the Parkes 13 as your companion, you’ll be ready to go from the moment you park and pop the roof! Prepare to be amazed by the simplicity, versatility, comfort and space provided by this fantastic caravan from Ezytrail Camper Trailers.

Ideal for All Travellers

This 2 berth off road caravan is the perfect solution for any journey, whether it’s a short trip or an extended stay. The caravan is a breeze to move around from day to day. With all cooking facilities outside, covered by the attached awning, you will find multiple large storage compartments and cabinets inside the trailer, along with a family-sized ensuite. And best of all, you can experience all of this just about anywhere, as the caravan employs an independent suspension system to push the limits of travel.

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